These Thousand Hills

17 09 2016

Well, we are back and running for 2016-2017!

And we (literally) set it off with a bang – with hundreds of fireworks for our friends’ wedding. As a rule, Chinese weddings tend to be loud because people set off a LOT of fireworks (even in the middle of the day).


The next day, we all “climbed” a mountain (aka rode up an enclosed chair lift and walked around).


It cleared up on our way down and we were able to see These Thousand Hills of His creation.

Wed-Ding Dong

28 05 2016

I felt blessed to be able to see two weddings this semester!

Two Become One

30 04 2016

Two of our friends got married this weekend. It was an incredible day with incredible people, and we even got to be involved in the ceremony.