Good News of Great Joy

27 12 2016

We decided to do a service project at a local school with some friends, and we got to present the Christmas story and sing some Christmas songs. It was so fun, albeit a little crazy because we only had 20 minutes to practice.


Dragon Boat Festival

9 06 2016

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in China. The most popular legend of this festival includes commemorating a famous poet named Qu Yuan for drowning himself in the river. People remember his legacy by eating rice dumplings (zongzi, the steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and holding dragon boat races.

Instead of riding the river, my friend and I spent the day cruising on the new e-bike and catching everyday life for the residents of ShaoXing on film.


2 05 2016

Each year, we celebrate our own foreigner-made festival called “TSF”, which stands for “Tent-Sleeping Festival,” though little sleeping and no tents actually are involved. Our activities include hanging out, playing lots of ultimate frisbee, cooking competitions, and singing.

This year, TSF also happened to be on my birthday, so they gave me a sword to cut cake with and our team acquired an e-bike!