Glass Bridges

18 09 2016


After the wedding, we got to tour Wuyuan, where one of my friends is from. It is an incredible place in Jiangxi province (about 4 hours west of ShaoXing), and we came to this famous scenic spot.


These Thousand Hills

17 09 2016

Well, we are back and running for 2016-2017!

And we (literally) set it off with a bang – with hundreds of fireworks for our friends’ wedding. As a rule, Chinese weddings tend to be loud because people set off a LOT of fireworks (even in the middle of the day).


The next day, we all “climbed” a mountain (aka rode up an enclosed chair lift and walked around).


It cleared up on our way down and we were able to see These Thousand Hills of His creation.

One Night in Beijing

19 06 2016

I actually spent four nights in Beijing (the above title is a reference to this song), but during my last week in China, I was able to visit some friends–including my old roommate from Wales–and get lost on my way to the Great Wall.

Dragon Boat Festival

9 06 2016

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most well-known festivals in China. The most popular legend of this festival includes commemorating a famous poet named Qu Yuan for drowning himself in the river. People remember his legacy by eating rice dumplings (zongzi, the steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and holding dragon boat races.

Instead of riding the river, my friend and I spent the day cruising on the new e-bike and catching everyday life for the residents of ShaoXing on film.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

5 06 2016

The spring in ShaoXing brings lots of rain and unpredictable weather. Chinese people don’t like to get tan in the sun, and they are told that they will get lice if they get rained on, which makes for people who find umbrellas more necessary than their school books.

Park & Ride

31 05 2016

Change is a regular part of life in China. It is not uncommon to move or change housing each year. Moving takes time and effort, but often is a big blessing, as we get to clean out and appreciate everything we have been given in China.

Wed-Ding Dong

28 05 2016

I felt blessed to be able to see two weddings this semester!