Good News of Great Joy

27 12 2016

We decided to do a service project at a local school with some friends, and we got to present the Christmas story and sing some Christmas songs. It was so fun, albeit a little crazy because we only had 20 minutes to practice.


Hao Chi 好吃

25 11 2016

This year, instead of winging it (pun intended), we actually hired a car to go get our traditional Thanksgiving turkey. We ate some noodles and then killed “hao chi 好吃,” which means “good food” in Chinese. I spent the next day trying to figure out how on earth to de-bowel and cook it…



Biking Before Breakfast

5 11 2016

November 5, 6 AM, 6 people, 70 degrees, 120 kilometers to go, pumped tires, fruit, boiled eggs, and excited anticipation.

Thus began our bike trip to Ningbo.

We originally planned the trip for two days, but it was beautiful outside all day and we had no mishaps (blown tires, accidents, falls, etc.), so we made the trek in about 13 hours. When we arrived, we feasted on Brazillian barbeque and spent time together.


The beautiful overlook from the Ningbo bridge near “lao wei town” (foreigner town).

Race for Last Place

21 10 2016

Sports Day (yun dong hui) is so important at our school that we actually get a few days off for it. This year, we were invited to a foreigner “fun” kayak race for Wenli College. I came in last place, but maybe it was because everyone else was in a 2-person kayak and most of them were men… Either way, I didn’t care much because it was so great to be back on the water again.

Glass Bridges

18 09 2016


After the wedding, we got to tour Wuyuan, where one of my friends is from. It is an incredible place in Jiangxi province (about 4 hours west of ShaoXing), and we came to this famous scenic spot.

These Thousand Hills

17 09 2016

Well, we are back and running for 2016-2017!

And we (literally) set it off with a bang – with hundreds of fireworks for our friends’ wedding. As a rule, Chinese weddings tend to be loud because people set off a LOT of fireworks (even in the middle of the day).


The next day, we all “climbed” a mountain (aka rode up an enclosed chair lift and walked around).


It cleared up on our way down and we were able to see These Thousand Hills of His creation.

One Night in Beijing

19 06 2016

I actually spent four nights in Beijing (the above title is a reference to this song), but during my last week in China, I was able to visit some friends–including my old roommate from Wales–and get lost on my way to the Great Wall.