Trimmed Trees

30 11 2015
There is constant construction and planting happening around ShaoXing.

You see a lot of trees that look like these two–not because it’s winter, but because they are being transplanted.

It seems like construction and change of landscapes are, ironically, one of the main consistencies in ShaoXing. Though debatably not the most sustainable way to fuel the economy, this way of life certainly adds to the creation of jobs in China.

Since landscaping seems to be such a prevalent part of the city, here are a few interesting facts about planting in China:

1.) The soil around here is made up mostly of clay.

2.) Everything is planted by hand, including the grass.

3.) Trees are transported and planted in both sweltering temperatures and freezing weather.

4.) They transport big trees by cutting off most of the roots and branches, yet somehow they seem to survive.

I guess that the trees in China, like the people, have a great desire to persevere and flourish.




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