“What happened?!”…”Uh, I fell into a pit.”

19 10 2015
On the left is the drain, or grate, that I fell into.

On the left is the drain, or grate, that I fell into.

We all have days like this, don’t we?…

After a long night of lesson-planning and waking up late for the school bus, I had to catch the city bus instead, which got stuck in the morning rush for 15 minutes (it’s a 35 minute bus ride). I had to call our secretary so she would tell my students to wait, and after finally getting to class, I had a number of other problems, including my powerpoint not working and my phone running out of money.

Even though all the issues were okay in the end, I was still rather relieved when I was ready to head back to Zion, and I stopped by the fruit market to buy something to eat. As I walked out of the market with my bike, I glanced over to another shop on my right.

All of the sudden, I was two feet down in the ground, and my leg was split open and bleeding. I looked down, utterly confused at what had happened. Somehow, I had literally walked off the sidewalk–just like a cartoon character–and into a grate.

There’s no apparent reason why this grate is missing, but it’s still gone to this day. Either way, I rushed back to Zion on my bike (As I mentioned before, I couldn’t call anyone because my phone was out of money), and instead made some calls over WeChat for help. A Chinese friend I had never met showed up with his car 30 minutes later and took us to the hospital.

For those of you who enjoy medical things, here is a picture of my leg before stitches. I would suggest not to look at it if you get queasy. Here is a photo after it got sewn up.

Despite the craziness of the day, I was especially thankful for the people and resources in my life. HE is always faithful. 🙂







One response

26 10 2015
Becky White

Oh my GOSH! Jess!!! That’s quite a gash! Poor thing!

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