Sanitized “Fàn”

15 09 2015

This is a sanitizer, not an oven. Fàn in Chinese means “food.” In other words, I would have sanitized my food had I tried to cook with it.

When I first arrived here, I was excited to find that we had an oven in our apartment. Upon further inspection, we found that the “oven” was actually a sanitizer, and that most people use it to store dishes. Ours doesn’t work at the moment, so the school sent over some people to help with our internet issues and our sanitizer.

But when the school sends someone to help, it usually ends up being students. Two males–who looked about 15 years old–and wouldn’t speak any English showed up on my doorstep with a new router. They looked super scared of me, so I tried to look nice and let them in. They fixed the internet and then tried to scramble out of the apartment, accidentally locking themselves inside in the process. It was a very entertaining time, though we still don’t have a working sanitizer…




One response

26 09 2015

So without an oven there won’t be any traditional Minnesota hot dishes being made, I suppose. 🙂

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