Highways to Zion

6 09 2015

Our explorations and orientation with Maggie began early the next morning after some jiaozi (ge-ow-zah)–dumplings–and ended with some great food at a place called Dongbei.

Knowing restaurants is key to surviving in China, as you generally can get a fantastic meal for somewhere between $2-5. It is most common to eat “family style,” which often includes a very large, rotating lazy susan where everyone shares a variety of dishes.


We got to visit Zion for the first time, too. Zion is an incredible place on the seventeenth floor of an apartment building close to campus, and is basically our home away from home. Because the campus and our original apartment complexes are so far away, having a place to sleep here is invaluable.


This is a picture from my window nook at Zion, where I read in the mornings. It’s one of my favorite places.






One response

24 09 2015
Matt Pfeifer

I loved eating family style with the big lazy susan on the table with my Chinese friends in Washington D.C.

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