A Few of My Favorite Things.

20 11 2012

The Beautiful Alps we flew over.

I am headed out of the UK once again in order to see two of my friends—Heba and Shady—who live in Cairo, Egypt. Heba and I became good friends through the architecture program at Iowa State, and I met Shady through Heba. They both go to AUC (American University in Cairo), and have Thursday off for the American holiday, Thanksgiving. I am staying until Monday afternoon.

After going to the Sound of Music at the Grand Theatre in Swansea with my flatmate, Alex, and his friend, I headed to the Heathrow-bound bus. I am fully convinced that National Express did everything in their power to design the most impossible buses to sleep on. Despite that, I still tried (bad idea), and everything was much smoother this time than going to Istanbul. I made sure to re-send a passive-aggressive message to my bank making sure they would not block my account again.

I am posting a picture from the plane (which was technically from Wednesday) because it basically felt like one day, and my pictures from the Sound of Music are not very good or as exciting. (Also, I have never been on a more-empty plane than the one I took to Switzerland (layover). I had an entire row to myself to sleep across=Much better than the bus.)

P.S. You guys are currently failing at filling out my wonderful side-blog survey. 😦 –>

Matthew 17:20 “’Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. ”




8 responses

26 11 2012

Jessica! We love you and want you home safe! The plane was empty for a reason…even I can figure that one out!

27 11 2012

Actually, the empty plane was to Switzerland, not to Egypt. The plane to Cairo was packed.

27 11 2012

Sorry, I already voted in the survey, and it won’t let me go again. Also, awesome picture, and hope you had fun in Cairo.

27 11 2012

I did, thanks, Andrew.

27 11 2012

This is my favorite picture you’ve taken, I think.

27 11 2012

Just wait until Monday.

27 11 2012
Alex Hoffelner


27 11 2012

Yes!!! Haha.

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