Turkish Delight.

12 11 2012

Descriptions are across left to right and then down:
1.) Simit, a Turkish bagel vendors on the street sell for 1 TL (about 50 cents).
2.) Osmanli Macunn, a honey candy they twirl around a stick (also in the photo below).
3.) A doner and a banana, mango, honey, and hazelnut shake. Total was less than $4.
4.) Natalie posing for the amazing meal we had, which included meatballs with some sort of sauce and a cheese plate.
5.) There are lots of street vendors in Istanbul. This is one that sells mussels with lemon. According to Coşkun, it is terrible for the environment.
6.) Osmanli Macunn in front of the Blue Mosque.
7.) Pumpkin slices in the Saturday market.
8.) Cheese in the Saturday market.
9.) Natalie eating one of the best desserts ever. It was a light pastry with cinnamon sugar at the bottom.
10.) Getting Barilla pasta before the race. We joked that they only cooked it for nine minutes (rather than the ten prescribed) because it was hard. The people looking at the camera are some of Coşkun’s friends we met there.
11.) Freshly-squeezed orange juice.
12.) A traditional Turkish breakfast with Chai tea, cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, and butter with honey on top.
13.) Left: Salad and cheese pastry (not a dessert, but it tasted like cheese curds). Right: Lentil soup.

I was getting overwhelmed because I had eaten so much good food in Istanbul but couldn’t fit it all in to my posts. So because all I did was travel for 17+ hours today and because people apparently like seeing pictures of food I eat, I wanted to conclude my trip with a post of some of the great things we ate (this is only a taster of everything, by the way (pun intended)).

Anyway, all in all, coming to Turkey was absolutely incredible. I’m so thankful that Natalie let me stay at her place and that she and Coşkun showed me so much of the city and its culture. Maybe someday I will get to come back to this amazing place.


“The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time.” ~Psalm 145:15




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14 11 2012
Beth Kock

So Jess…. isn’t “Turkish Delight” from the “Chronicles of Narnia”? Actually, I just happen to have the series right here and………… Yep, that is what drew Edmund to the white witch (or she made it for him magically). Did you encounter any “Turkish Delight” and is actually made in Turkey??? Just random thoughts from a very “old woman”……(your mom can confirm that last statement).

How do you determine which Bible verse to post??? This verse definitely fit this blog….

14 11 2012


Yes! Turkish Delight is from the Chronicles of Narnia, but it’s also everywhere in Turkey and also in the UK, so I thought it was fitting. I only had heard of it from those books as well, but it is from Turkey. I’ve tried it here in the UK, and it’s basically like a jelly-based candy that can have different fruits or coatings. I like it. 🙂
Haha, good question about the Bible verses. It depends on the day. Sometimes I will have something in mind that fits the day or what I did, or look up a key word and search through the verses to find one that fits. But other times I will post things that I have been reading. For example, I’ve been posting a lot from Isaiah, as I’ve been reading through it. Also, every once in a while, I will ask a friend that I’ve talked to to give me one that’s on their mind.
Thanks for reading and commenting–I really enjoy hearing what people have to say about everything. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week!


17 11 2012

My friend who is a missionary in Turkey once treated us (his past work mates) with some Turkish Delight. Very good stuff.

17 11 2012

That’s good. Yes, I like it a lot.

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