Ayran–Soured Milk.

7 11 2012

Did you know that hazelnuts and Nutella come from Turkey? The plane food was amazing, btw. And everyone saran wraps their suitcases here. . .

I guess I never introduced my trip properly. I am spending five days in Istanbul, Turkey with a friend from Drake named Natalie. I was supposed to meet her and her friend Coskun (pronounce Jush-coon) at a place called Taskim Square, which was intended to be an easy bus ride (for 10 Turkish Lira–TL) directly from the airport.

After I got to the airport, I found out my account had been frozen. Apparently, Turkey is a “we-automatically-freeze-your-bank-account-even-when-you-mention-you’re-going-there” sort of place (actually, to be fair, it was partially my fault). I didn’t have enough money for a bus ticket because of the unexpected circumstances from the night before (see Nov. 6 post), I couldn’t get wireless because it wanted a phone number to send the password to (I didn’t think my phone worked in Turkey, but it does), and the only phone that I could use to call Coskun was a “pay by credit card” machine . . .

Some nice people from Canada/Slovakia (a newly married couple couch-surfing before going to New Zealand) helped me out and made sure everything was okay. I was very grateful to find English-speakers, and I finally met Natalie and Coskun at Taskim Square, which happens to be a hub of life in Istanbul. To add to my wonderful 48-hour day, it was downpouring outside (it might have even given Wales a run for its money) so we ate a good traditional meal (with ayran, or soured milk–it’s different and not bad for you like spoiled milk (also, it’s not that great)) and headed back to Natalie’s apartment. We planned out what to see the next day and went to bed. Whew.

Sorry for the long posts recently. I dislike long posts. Haha.

“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.” ~Isaiah 12:2




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