Seeing Stars.

1 11 2012

Left Top: Scenery on the way to the student village.
Left Bottom: Julie showed me an alternative route to the village.
Right Top: Li Chong being our very own cookie monster.
Middle Bottom: Serge (L) and Austria (R) . . . Don’t ask me.
Right Bottom: Austria’s additions to our cookies.

Happy All Saint’s Day! I Can’t Believe It’s Not October! You thought I was going to say butter, didn’t you?

The day started off gorgeous and sunny, only to downpour on us right before Julie and I went out for a bike ride (I met Julie in the Sailing Society–she is from North Carolina and doing her masters here). On the way back, I stopped at the Co-op to pick up ingredients for Peanut Butter Chocolate-Star Cookies, but was unsuccessful at finding chocolate stars and light brown sugar. We used dark brown sugar instead, which I think made the cookies too heavy, but they tasted amazing either way. I’m off to Tenby (West Wales) with Helena tomorrow!


Eagerly looking forward: “This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.” ~Revelation 13:10b




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