Fight Against the Landlord.

19 10 2012

Li Chong, Wang Duo (Jason), and Alex (Austria) playing Fight Against the Landlord.

I tried Bollywood dance today (among others), which was definitely my favorite so far but not very easy. My flatmate Jason taught me how to play a Chinese game similar to Presidents (that’s what they’re playing in the picture, but you can only have three people play at one time). It was a really good time–they are laughing at Austria in the picture, who was just learning, because he laid a bunch of really good cards without even realizing it.

Also, notice our crazy kitchen wall behind them (I’ll post a picture of it sometime).

Maybe a little heavy, but I liked the song and thought it was interesting:  “Our tongues are like matches, our ears are like trees, our words are like sparks–dry summer leaves. It doesn’t take much for the flames to rise and turn us all into a forest fire.” -Forest Fire by Josh Wilson




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