14 10 2012

The house I went to today had a cuckoo clock!

Wow, two posts in one day AND audience participation. You are some lucky people.

Anyone who has ever been to my house in America would probably know that we have a working cuckoo clock (well, it works 70% of the time). So it was nice–and almost eerie–to listen to this today. The house was also warm and smelled like Thanksgiving, which added to the feeling that I was home.

Also, the pastor referenced a verse that made this camp song get stuck in my head: “I will call upon the Lord; Who is worthy to be praised. So I shall be saved from my enemies. The Lord liveth, and blessed be the rock and may the God of our salvation be exalted!”

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~Isaiah 41:10




4 responses

16 10 2012

Home sweet home. I love cuckoo, and I have that plant, too! Isn’t it weird how sounds and smells can trigger memories! Whenever I smell baking bread and cinnamon I think of my Grandma. Thanks for sharing, Jess! Love you!

16 10 2012

I agree. Someone in class today smelled like inside Brenda’s house (not the pig smell) and it made me think of going over there–haha.

16 10 2012

Love it! G & G Miller’s and Linda’s houses both have distinct smells too that I absolutely love. I always ;smell “clean” and coffee at G & G’s and something good baking at Linda’s home! One of my favorite smells is freshly cut hay and of course the sweet smell of a baby (I will never forget the smell of you and Nat). 😀

16 10 2012

Yes, yes. They are very distinct smells.

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