The Gower.

7 09 2012

I didn’t manipulate this photo at all–that is actually how green and blue everything is.

This is a place we visited today called the Gower. It is the first place in the UK to be protected by law because it is so beautiful. The bus we took was scraping by inches (or centimeters?) away from the other cars because the road was so narrow, but it was well worth the long drive. And look! Proof that I am alive and well.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” ~Psalm 19:1




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8 09 2012

I heard on MPR yesterday that there is at least one proof of concept wave power generation installation somewhere by Swansea. You should check it out.

8 09 2012

Okay, Dad, thanks.

15 09 2012

This looks like a good place to be.

16 09 2012

It is wonderful. You can come visit it!

27 09 2012


28 09 2012

Gracias. It was very nice there.

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