Rain, Rain, Go Away

5 06 2016

The spring in ShaoXing brings lots of rain and unpredictable weather. Chinese people don’t like to get tan in the sun, and they are told that they will get lice if they get rained on, which makes for people who find umbrellas more necessary than their school books.

Park & Ride

31 05 2016

Change is a regular part of life in China. It is not uncommon to move or change housing each year. Moving takes time and effort, but often is a big blessing, as we get to clean out and appreciate everything we have been given in China.

Wed-Ding Dong

28 05 2016

I felt blessed to be able to see two weddings this semester!

We’re All in This Together

25 05 2016

Students do a lot of studying. They are given a break from studying by doing things like organized competitions (tug-of-war) or putting on performances like these.


21 05 2016

Some of our friends runs an Escape Room, which basically is a room that you must figure out how to get out of in one hour via clues and puzzles. We had some friends over to try it together.

Unfortunately, we were not that great at it (it didn’t help that everything was in Chinese), but it was still a good time.



2 05 2016

Each year, we celebrate our own foreigner-made festival called “TSF”, which stands for “Tent-Sleeping Festival,” though little sleeping and no tents actually are involved. Our activities include hanging out, playing lots of ultimate frisbee, cooking competitions, and singing.

This year, TSF also happened to be on my birthday, so they gave me a sword to cut cake with and our team acquired an e-bike!

Two Become One

30 04 2016

Two of our friends got married this weekend. It was an incredible day with incredible people, and we even got to be involved in the ceremony.


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